The Scottish Category Theory Seminar


The Scottish Category Theory Seminar is a newish series of occasional afternoon meetings, at locations roaming around the country (though there’ll probably never be any on highland mountaintops or remote misty lochs…). I’m very pleased to announce the second meeting of the seminar, in Edinburgh on 21 May.

We’ve worked hard to get a good mixture of mathematicians on the one hand, and theoretical computer scientists on the other. Two of the speakers, Antony Maciocia and Peter Kropholler, are mathematicians — Maciocia is in algebraic geometry, and Kropholler at the intersection of group theory and topology. The other two, Dirk Pattinson and Thorsten Altenkirch, are in theoretical computer science — though their talks should definitely be interesting to mathematicians.

All the speakers have been firmly requested to make their talks broadly accessible to what we hope will be a very mixed audience. So I’m looking forward to an excellent afternoon.

Here are the talks. To see the abstracts, click on the titles.

Incidentally, I think the Glasgow speaker has been inspired by some other talks in Glasgow…

If you think you’d like to come, send a mail to me (T.Leinster#maths,gla,ac,uk) or scotcats#cis,strath,ac,uk. It’s not essential that you do so — you can just turn up — but it would help, and you definitely should if you’re intending to come for dinner.


4 Responses to “The Scottish Category Theory Seminar”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Conc. “Triangulated categories in algebraic geometry”, was Grothendieck not unsatisfied with triangulated categories and suggested “derivatuers”? How is the current state of those and which applications could they have in algebraic geometry?

  2. Urs Schreiber Says:

    I am having trouble commenting here. This is just a test to see if plain text works…

  3. Urs Schreiber Says:

    Thomas, I keep trying to post my reply to your questions here, but it just won’t appear. I am speculating that the number of hyperlinks in the reply is triggering the spam filter or something. Too bad.

    But you can see my reply here.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Thanks, Urs!

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